Hitting the Apex is a documentary styled film based on the world of MotoGP and showcases the rivalry between the fastest 6 MotoGP racers of all time, narrated by Brad Pitt.

Hitting The Apex Movie Trailer
Hitting the Apex will be released in the UK on 2nd September 2015

If you are a fan of two-wheels and celluloid, Mark Neale should be a name you would be familiar with or should be from now on. Having produced some of the very popular MotoGP movies including Faster, The Doctor, The Tornado and Kentucky Kid as well as the sequel Fastest, Mark is back with yet another nail biting film called ‘Hitting the Apex’ that chronicles the life of six of the top most MotoGP racers in the world and their lives.

Hitting the Apex features the lives of six iconic riders including Valentino Rossi (seven-time world champion), Dani Pedrosa, Jorge Lorenzo (two-time world champion), Casey Stoner (two-time world champion), Marc Marquez (two-time world champion) and Marc Simoncelli. The unfortunate demise of Simoncelli has also been documented in the movie and is certainly the most pleasant way for fans and family alike to remember the young rider who lost his life on the job. Given Neale’s previous work, the two-hour long movie is certain to please MotoGP fans with lots of material and will create some new ones as well.

Hitting the Apex will be released in theatres on 2nd September, but unfortunately only in the UK, Ireland and parts of Europe. The US debut is expected sometime later this year. It isn’t clear if the movie will be brought to India, but we will certainly appreciate it if at least the DVD makes it here that is slated to release on 7th September 2015. Check out the trailer of Hitting the Apex below, narrated and co-produced by actor Brad Pitt as the spell binding action and crashes will leave you with goosebumps. This is one movie we won’t be missing for sure.

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