Honda BS4 power drop reason revealed, the company cites AHO for Unicorns, Hornet losing power.

Honda CB Hornet 160R Long Term Reliability
The Honda CB Hornet 160R was a BS4 compliant motorcycle since launch

The 2017 CB Hornet 160R’s power output had been reduced from 15.67 HP to 15.04 HP. When asked Honda why, the company initially wasn’t available for comments. Honda, now has revealed the reason for them to drop the power in the CB Hornet 160R and Unicorns (the reason for the Unicorns was the upgrade from BS3 to BS4).

The CB Hornet 160R was already a BS4 compliant motorcycle since its launch. What’s more interesting is during the BS3 stock clearance time, Honda had offered massive discounts even on the BS4 compliant CB Hornet 160R. Why would Honda offer discounts on the already BS4 complaint CB Hornet 160R?

Honda told the CB Hornet 160R wasn’t featuring AHO (Auto Headlamp On) then and hence they had to clear off stock for the Hornet 160R. Supreme Court, in fact, had announced a ban on the sale and registration of BS3 vehicles effective 1st April 2017 and had nowhere mentioned about AHO in the ban. However, Honda could have assumed that pre-manufactured non-AHO motorcycles could also not be sold.

Honda also cited the same reason even for the power drop in the 2017 Hornet 160R. Honda said since the headlamp will be on all the time, it is bound to draw more power from the engine. Hence the power drop in the Hornet 160R. Honda also has dropped the power output on the Unicorn 150 and 160.

Honda BS4 Power Drop

– Honda has reduced the power output on its BS4 bikes
– Power was reduced from 15.67 HP to 15.04 HP on the Hornet
– Honda cites AHO as the reason for the drop in power output of its BS4 bikes

Honda CB Hornet 160R Long Termer
Honda hasn’t changed the torque figures on the Hornet, it still is 14.76 Nm

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