Honda CB Dazzler vs Trigger

Honda has launched the CB Trigger which is going to replace the CB Unicorn Dazzler. So what are the changes that Honda has made to the CB Trigger over the CB Dazzler? Well there are quite alot of technical changes to the list. Such as, new Nissin caliper at the front, kick lever, fatter looking exhaust and full chain case cover over the half chain case of the Dazzler. The Honda CB Trigger has lost 1 kg over the Dazzler due to 3 mm shorter wheelbase, 28 mm shorter length, 15 mm less height but it also has 13 mm more ground clearance and is 3 mm wider as well.

The lack of kick lever and chain case was the main reason for the poor sales of the CB Unicorn Dazzler. Thus Honda has given the CB Trigger these features as part of the update. Honda wants to please both the commuter and the young buyer, who have the same expectation from Honda (less maintenance) and when things go wrong, there should be a kick lever.

Aesthetic changes to the CB Trigger over the CB Dazzler include an all new clear glass digital speedometer which truly is sensational and reminds one of higher capacity CB, CBR bikes which employ something similar. The Japanese company has also added a chunky LED tail light which is a must have feature since Honda’s primary objective is to attack the Pulsar and Apache. The extremely fat looking exhaust adds muscle to the package.

The Honda CB Trigger is powered by the same engine of the Dazzler, which produces 13.81 BHP of power at 8500 RPM and 12.6 Nm of torque at 6500 RPM. It runs a slightly higher tune than the old Unicorn. The amazing power to weight ratio does mean it gets off the line as fast as its competitors. Although a bit more torque than the previous state of tune would have added flare to the package. Honda says the CB Trigger will deliver a mileage of 60 km/l, which seems like a bold claim.

2013 Honda CB Trigger

Honda CB Trigger Instrument Cluster

Honda CB Trigger Headlight

Honda CB Trigger Engine

Honda CB Trigger Console

Honda CB Trigger Combi Brake

Honda CB Trigger Wheels

Honda CB Trigger Tank

Honda CB Trigger Side


Honda CB Trigger LED Tail Lights