In its first month of sales, the Honda CB Unicorn 160 managed to sell more than the best-in-class Suzuki Gixxer. However, the Gixxer’s sales weren’t compromised because it sold more than what it sold in December 2014.

Unicorn 160 vs FZ vs Gixxer Video Review
The Honda CB Unicorn 160 isn’t as sporty or attractive as its key rivals

The 150cc segment is the most interesting and we quite love this category because it gives a good blend of performance and economy, something a majority of bike buyers want in our country. That said, there isn’t a default choice like how we see in higher segments. Competition is intense in the 150cc space and the Japanese biggies are pulling each others hair to get to the top, launching new and updated models time after time. While it is no secret that the Yamaha FZ and Bajaj Pulsar 150 rule the roost in the 150cc space, new models are playing catch up.

Suzuki has come a long way, from selling less than 1000 motorcycles a month to selling more than 5000 units of just one motorcycle, the Gixxer. This Japanese machine has struck the right chord with buyers and it offers performance, dynamics and value for money like no other in its class. Honda’s recent launch of the CB Unicorn 160 has made its rivals not worried at all and as our recent comparison showed, the ‘Uncle’s bike’ won’t worry its contemporaries.

That said, the Unicorn 160 is off to a flying start with Honda selling 6354 units last month, that’s more than what the Gixxer managed at 5541 units. The terrific sales of the CB Unicorn 160 don’t come at the cost of the Gixxer as sales of the Suzuki grew month-on-month. But it was the first month of sales which always sees the best demand and we expect a major downward correction as things settle. The Unicorn is likely eating into the CB Trigger’s sales with the latter likely to be discontinued. While almost everyone performs decently well in the 150cc segment, it’s Hero who hasn’t been able to do well, inspite of having the most models on offer.

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