Honda CBR250R Wallpaper

When we first posted the price of the Honda CBR250R to be Rs. 1.75 lakh (on-road, Mumbai) many took it with a bucket load of salt. Hence we thought what better way it is but to analyse the price of the upcoming Honda CBR250R, which Honda India will launch in April, 2011.

A few points which makes us believe the CBR250R will not cost more than Rs. 2 lakh : –

  • The Ninja costs Rs. 3 lakh (on-road) and Honda cannot pitch the CBR250R against the Ninja in any situation as the Ninja is in a league of its own.
  • The CBR250R is a single cylinder bike, and a single cylinder 250cc usually lands up around Rs. 2 lakhs price bracket. Case in point is the 300cc Mojo.
  • Honda India plans to export the bike to Latin markets and thus the pricing will be cheapest at the country of production.
  • Honda India has clearly stated that they would launch the bike at a more affordable price by effectively carrying out global procurement of parts and materials.
  • The bike shares alot of parts with the CBR150R (just like the Pulsar siblings do) such as the instrumentation, exhaust, etc. This will help Honda to utilise the economies of scale.
  • Bajaj will launch the KTM Avatar 125 for around Rs. 1.5 lakh and we believe Honda would want to price it aggressively compared to the Duke.
  • The CBR250R is not feature rich and lacks LEDs, chain cover, projector head lamps, backlit switches and aluminum grab handles. Also the bike features MRF tyres and thus makes us believe that Honda is looking to price the CBR250R very aggressively.