Honda is offering the Civic Hybrid at a special price. The offer is for a limited peroid according to the Honda website. The Civic Hybrid was launched at a price of Rs. 21.5 lacs ex-showroom and with the special pricing is available for 16.5 lacs OTR Mumbai.

“We have taken a hit on the price to offer this eco-friendly technology to potential customers. There have been thousands of enquiries for the Hybrid, which had not culminated in actual sales,” said Honda Siel vice president Jnaneshwar Sen.

On further enquiry about the reduced pricing, a spokesperson from Honda said that Honda wants to push the sales of the hybrid as it is a green car. The Hybrid pricing is Rs. 50,000 more then the automatic Civic. It was also mentioned the price will remain so till Honda sell the current stock of the Civic hybrid which makes us believe that Honda wants to get rid of 2008 Civic hybrids in their inventory. We only wonder about owners of the Civic Hybrid who payed 25 lacs for going green.