Honda has sold 98 Civic Hybrid cars on a single day on Thursday, much more than what it managed in the entire five months since the premium hybrid’s launch in India, thanks to a reduced pricing by a whopping Rs 8 lakh, or 40%. Honda maintains this price to be a limited-period offer.

With Thursday’s orders, Honda has sold out the first batch of Civic Hybrids it had imported from Japan. The second batch is already on its way. “A big consignment of these cars will be reaching India in the next few days. We will also take more orders as per the demand from our dealers,” the Honda spokesperson said.

“Customers are extremely attracted by the high-fuel efficiency of the hybrid,” said a Delhi-based Honda dealer, who clocked a dozen bookings for the car on Thursday. With electric motor support, Civic Hybrid delivers an average of 20 km per litre of petrol. Also, the hybrid system comes with a lifetime warranty.

Civic Hybrid, at its new price of Rs. 13.36 lakh, is just Rs. 50,000 costlier then top V variant at Rs. 12.86 lakh. The price parity has led to increase in demand for the hugely fuel-efficient hybrid in metros like Mumbai and Delhi, and fuel-sensitive areas like Punjab and Hyderabad.