Honda Civic Type-R Modulo.jpg
This is the Honda Civic Type-R Modulo and it certainly looks fantastic. The exterior doesn’t have much, a rear spoiler, clear lens tail lamps and a set of hot 19-inch alloy wheels wrapped on 225/35 R19 rubber.Honda Civic Type-R Modulo interiors.jpg Honda have removed everything they could in order to make the car lighter. The door panels were replaced with carbon fibre, the power windows have been shifted on the center console, the door handles gave their place to latches while the stock front seats were replaced by a pair of very impressive and lightweight Recaro bucket seats. I completely love the steering wheel, the speedometer looks similar to the Lamborghini Reventón and the gear shift indicator on the steering wheels looks alot like the one in the Ferrari Enzo. The presence of Electronically adjustable dampers can be seen in the LCD display where the normal 2-DIN head unit is. More pics after the jump.

Honda Civic Type-R Modulo front.jpgHonda Civic Type-R Modulo front 2.jpgHonda Civic Type-R Modulo side.jpgHonda Civic Type-R Modulo rear.jpgHonda Civic Type-R Modulo steering.jpgHonda Civic recaro seats.jpgHonda Civic wheels.jpgHonda Civic body kit.jpgHonda Civic center console.jpg
Honda Civic 2din.jpgHonda Civic Digital Revcounter.jpgHonda Civic bucket seats.jpgHonda Civic carbon fiber.jpgHonda Civic Type R.jpgHonda Civic enzo steering.jpgHonda Civic carbon fiber buttons.jpgHonda Civic rear bucket seats.jpgHonda Civic aluminium pedals.jpgHonda Civic LED tail lights.jpgHonda Civic Type R grill.jpgHonda Civic Type R rear.jpg