Honda’s reputation for innovating new categories in motorcycling takes its latest form in the radical DN-01. This futuristic machine combines true sporting performance with a fully-automatic transmission, a low seat height and exceptional style with killer looks.

The new design features a 4-valve, 680cc liquid-cooled V-twin engine sending power through the HFT transmission, a continuously variable, hydromechanical automatic. This clutch-less “Human-Friendly Transmission” can operate in two fully automatic shifting modes or a six-speed setting that simulates a manual. The HFT has a lock up mode for cruising to increase fuel economy. The DN-01 also has combined ABS, a front and rear linked system with ABS. It carries 4 gallons of fuel and weighs 595 pounds.

It will be available in the US market in early 2009 and will cost about $14,599. With such pricing we dont think Honda will be bringing it to India but its high time we wished for something more than the Shine, Unicorn and the CBF Stunner.