Honda Electric Sports Cars
The car on the right does not seem to have the traditional ORVMs unlike the one on the left

One of these Honda electric sports cars might replace the current generation NSX

Honda has teased 2 new electric sports cars, a ‘specialty’ and the other a ‘flagship’ model, and claims that even in the era of electric vehicles (EVs), its cars will be fun to drive.

Going by the picture, the car on the right could be the ‘flagship’ model as it has unique glowing rim stripes. It could be the third-generation model of the Honda NSX.

The current, second-generation NSX, which came after years of delays, is a hybrid machine that is nearing the end of its lifespan. Its electric successor should outdo it in most aspects.

Coming to what what could be the potential ‘specialty’ model Honda is referring to, it could be an all-new grand tourer or a toned-down version of the ‘flagship’.

Honda Electric Sports Cars
The second-gen Honda NSX hybrid failed to appeal to sports car buyers due to stiff competition

Both Honda electric sports cars that were teased seem to have the silhouette of a typical sports car, which might be odd, given that there is no engine, the placement of which has dictated the design of vehicles for so long.

Both the cars’ ‘nose’ seems inspired by the Ferrari Roma as against the current Honda NSX. The fastback rear too reminds us of Ferraris and some Porsches.

In addition to teasing these cars, Honda has said it is optimistic about achieving the 2 million EV production volume by 2030 by launching as many as 30 electric cars in that time frame.

Speaking about investments in the pipeline, Honda said it will allocate 5 trillion Yen (about Rs. 3 lakh crores) for electrification and software technologies over the next 10 years and has fixed a budget of 8 trillion Yen (Rs. 4.85 lakh crores) for R&D.