Accord BMW Comparison

The redesigned 2013 Honda Accord is seen to have acquired it’s design from the likes of the BMW 3-Series. It comes across as something usual when automobile companies mimic the traits of BMW , because the 3-Series has been acknowledged as the best sports sedan in the industry. However, Honda went a few steps ahead in designing the Accord almost similar to the 3-Series. The new Accord will go on sale at the end of September and will be launched as a standard sedan, and later as a coupe.

A side by side image comparison suggests an identical design flow around the door body including the flowlines near the door handles and at the bottom. There is also a similar mimic of the flow of the roof into the deck and design of the door grab handles. The design of the side mirrors also seem to be a derivative from the 3-Series . However, the Honda Accord has chrome lining around the windows and chrome door handles, thus giving it a more premium look.

It could be quoted that Honda designers didn’t bother to work much on the design and rather decided on going for derivative designing. However, the other side of the story is that, there are only about nine stylists for the entire auto industry, of which four are freelancers. These designers draw more or less a generic design based on a combination of aesthetics and aerodynamics and sell it to the OEM’s. What happens at the company are mere design changes and it’s branded as their own. This may be the reason why, at times, two cars get an almost similar design.

Source – Automotive News