Honda, which was once known for catering to a niche segment of customers decided to attract the mass market and thus were born the cars like Brio and Jazz. And now, taking the strategy forward the carmaker is aiming to increase its customer base by 100%. Currently the company has five lakh customers. India has a huge potential for growth as it is one of the most dynamic markets. Also, with its increasing population as well as increasing purchasing power of the people, India holds a good promise for the company’s growth.

“We have got ambitious business plan for the Indian car business and we want to be the number one in the country,” Hironori Kanayama, President and CEO, Honda India said. (He was recently appointed).

The Honda Brio and the City are considered to be the major growth drivers in India as the small car segment is seeing commendable growth. Our regular readers must be aware that Honda has decided to launch the diesel variant of Brio Hatchback by 2013, thanks to the rising petrol prices. Perhaps, that again would be a potential growth driver for the company, helping it to achieve its set goal. With all of Honda’s mass market cars set to get diesel power, it won’t be difficult for Honda to double its customer base in the country.

Honda City Facelift Corporate Edition