Honda had showcased the City Adventure Concept Scooter at the 2015 EICMA show and the company plans to put the off-road scooter in production by 2017.

Honda City Adventure Scooter
The Honda City Adventure Scooter could open a new market for off-roaders

“The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure,” roger that, the biggest adventure that we as human beings can think of is to live our dreams. Well the news is Honda revealed their urban adventure oriented off-road capable concept wearing the badge ADV, unlike the rivaling junta providing dedicated two-wheeled off-roading rackets, Honda has chosen to light up things differently, with an introduction of adventure to the scooter genre.

This year’s EICMA motorcycle show witnessed some of the most interesting concepts being displayed, the Honda City Adventure was one among them. The urban off-roader scooter concept seems to have had different opinion with respect to the way it is designed and positioned, for me it’s quite a lot of vitamin-M for vitamin-D, but truly looks are subjective and for me this one is an edgier way to display your rush for adrenaline with urban friendly ergonomics.

The concept gives us a visible peak at what Honda is headed to with their scooters, the concept itself looks futuristic with robustness and solid build quality. The Honda City Adventure concept seems to be well equipped at the arena it’s portrayed, having a raised stance, off-road threaded tyres, adjustable wind screen, wired spoke wheels and the off-road spec hand-guards giving it a beefier and off-road esque appeal.

Being a scooter, practicality downplays the peers. So for the badge, the Honda city Adventure concept comes with an accommodating pillion seat, short tyres and a beautiful array of modern electronics sufficed with comfortable ergonomics (from the visualisation). Technical details about the concept have not been revealed yet, though one can spot the concept wearing twin-disc brakes at the front and a single disc doing duty at the rear, bearing the badge of Nissin but word is it that most features from the concept would be given a miss in the production guise during its launch by 2017.

Honda City Adventure
All digital console could be swapped out for a cheaper alternative
2017 Honda City Adventure
Some nice design details like the spoke wheels and upswept exhaust