Honda Brio Drive To Discover Review

Ever since its launch in 2011, Honda Brio has been doing good numbers for the company. In fact, Brio topped the list in Honda’s sales figure chart for December 2012. This subcompact hatchback promised both features and value for money. Initially the company had launched four variants of the model namely, Brio EMT, SMT, SMT (O) and the top variant namely the VMT. Recently, the company also launched Brio EX MT which was positioned just above the base model. Another latest addition was the Brio Automatic which made city drives hassle free.

With so many options to choose from for lesser price, the Honda Brio had been one of the preferred choices among the customers. However, the company is looking for more. With feedback from the customers, the company is now getting ready to come up with yet another variant, namely VX. Plans are in place to launch this variant in the month of April this year. The new model will fill the gaps Brio earlier had. The additional features that will get added are the rear demister and driver seat height adjustment. Due to the design challenges of the Brio, it is not feasible to add a rear wiper.

Customers have been waiting for the diesel powered Brio as well. But looks like, this isn’t on the cards right now. Honda will put the diesel mill first on the Brio sedan called the Amaze and perhaps then we can expect more diesel powered vehicles from Honda to make it to Indian shores. Currently, on an average, more than 2000 units of the Brio are being sold every month. With increase in such options, the company can expect a slight growth in sales.

2012 Honda Brio 5-Speed AT

Source – Autocar India