2013 Honda Brio Sedan

Honda will unveil the Brio sedan to the public in the next couple of weeks time. The vehicle which has been codenamed Honda 2TP will go on sale in India by mid-2013. It will also be the first Honda car in India to feature a diesel engine, which is currently under testing in the Brio hatchback. As we had imagined earlier in our rendering above, the Brio sedan is indeed a Brio with a boot. The Brio sedan has identical width and height as the Brio hatchback.

The Honda Brio sedan measures a tad below 4-meters (3990 mm), with the wheelbase of 2407 mm (the Maruti DZire has a wheelbase of 2430 mm) being 62 mm more than the Brio hatchback. The longer wheelbase lends the Brio sedan more space at the rear, which will be crucial in the Indian market. Rest of the interiors will remain more or less the same as the Brio hatchback, although Honda might just play around a bit with the colors to distinguish both the cars. The boot capacity is a good 420-litres.

The Honda Brio sedan weighs around 26 kgs more than the hatchback, which is not much considering the addition of a boot. This results in the vehicle maintaining a healthy power to weight ratio. Performance of the Brio sedan with the 1.2-litre i-VTEC mill is almost similar to the hatchback. Naturally Honda has tweaked the suspension of the vehicle to take the additional weight and one can expect the Brio sedan to offer a good balance of ride and handling.

Honda Brio Interiors

Honda Brio Sedan