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Honda will be launching an upgraded version of the CBR250R in the Indian market in March. The 2012 Honda CBR250R will have key improvements in various areas, making the already brilliant bike even better. The previous version of the CBR250R is being stopped from production as the new model is set to arrive. The recent launch of the KTM Duke 200 at a price of Rs. 20,000/- less than the Honda CBR250R has put the Honda in danger. Thus the Japanese automaker has decided to upgrade the motorcycle with a few upgrades.

The 2012 Honda CBR250R will get a new pearl Hero Blue Tri-Colour, which makes the CBR250R look absolutely smashing. The plastic quality has been improved as well with the ECU getting a new map to make the Honda CBR250R quicker and more frugal. These minor changes are said to make a big difference in the way the CBR250R rides and Honda should offer the upgraded map settings to existing owners too. A price hike of Rs. 3000/- will be initiated on the new CBR250R. Honda will also launch more colours in the CBR250R, giving buyers more options on the shade of their bike, unlike the Duke 200 which is only available in orange livery.

The Honda CBR250R is powered by a 250cc single-cylinder engine, which produces 25 BHP of power. This is similar to the Duke 200 and the revision to the ECU could be done to differentiate the baby CBR from the Duke. The Honda CBR250R offers more torque of 23 Nm but weighs way more than the Duke at 167 kgs (the Duke 200 weighs just 136 kgs). Honda still have some features that differentiate the Duke 200 from their own offering as the Japanese automaker offers full fairing and combi-ABS brakes (as an option).

Honda has found good success with the CBR250R. The company sells around 3000 units of the bike every month. On the contrary, Bajaj Auto took 6 months to sell 1000 units of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Obviously the price difference between both the bikes are significant, with the Ninja costing 40% more than the CBR250R. This tremendous response for the Honda CBR250R has resulted in Yamaha deciding on launching a 250cc motorcycle of its own next year.

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