It is a very rare scenario to find women driving motorcycles in India and even rarer is to see any woman driving an iconic motorcycle brand on the likes of Royal Enfield. However, things are about to change very soon. Say Hello to ‘HopOnGurls’, a Bangalore based motorcycling club which aims to change all this forever. This motorcycle club however is one with a twist. This club encourages women to take on the 2 wheels but not just any 2 wheels, only the ones made by Royal Enfield.

Royal Enfield motorcycles have been one of the iconic brands in the history of motorcycling in India which defined the real men! So, by default they became heavy to handle motorcycles at around 180kg. Though you don’t feel the weight once you start riding it, yet the very impression of the weight scares even most men away till date. However, just like Enfield who always encourages people to try out their motorcycles and experience them, this bike club offers to teach women how to ride a Royal Enfield motorcycle. So, if you are reading this, passionate about motorcycles and a female then take your phone and dial +91-9972226887 or email them at hopongurls(at)gmail(dot)com and start experience motorcycling Enfield style!