Skoda Octavia 1.4 TSI Test Drive Review

Technology is everywhere right from the smartphones, smart watches and the smart refrigerators. Every household appliance is getting smart and heck, there’s even smart water available these days. So, as the advent of technology encompasses over a host of consumer products, automobiles aren’t ones that are left behind.

Technology is the name of the game in the auto industry and this is evident in our cars featuring touchscreen infotainment systems with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Not just that, the cars are getting even lighter (by weight) with modern and sophisticated technologies making it into the vehicle platforms. The all-digital instrument console in the higher end cars is another such technological piece of marvel that has found a niche among the car buyers.

Coming to the industry perspective, consumers no longer are dependent on the brokers to sell their car or say even while buying a second-hand car. Various online portals like Droom and Orange Book Value (OBV) have come to the aid of the aam janata. While the other portals deal with every possible consumer goods, Droom specialises in the automobiles and is India’s first and largest online marketplace to buy and sell used cars, bikes, scooters, bicycles and even aero planes.

Buying or renewing insurance was another big roadblock and that too has been addressed by technology. Almost all insurance providers have an online portal where the customers can get their vehicle’s insurance renewed online. Then, there are the cab aggregators that have made commuting to work or anywhere else so easy. Just installing an app on the smartphone is all one needs to do.

For people who prefer to drive themselves on the weekend getaways and etc, there are self-drive car rental companies as well.

Clearly, technology has changed the automobile industry in the way people commute, in the way consumers buy/sell vehicles and finally the gizmos and gadgets that come packed in the vehicles these days. Features in the luxury cars are in a different league completely.

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