Made-in-India Hriman Motors RT90 electric two-seater car is slated for launch by mid-2018.

Hriman Motors RT90 Electric Car
The RT90 will prove to be a perfect future mobility solution

Working on a revolutionary electric car for the Indian market, Hriman Motors LLP is a homegrown startup that has caught the frenzy of media these days. Rightly so, as the company has showcased their first offering and promised to launch it by mid-2018. The Hriman Motors RT90 offers an infinite Lithium-ion battery that won’t need a replacement throughout the car’s life.

The RT90 gets a trellis frame underneath and a sealed brushless DC electric motor which makes the vehicle capable of reaching speeds of up to 77 km/hr. There are two battery options to choose from, one takes 2 hours for a full charge using a regular AC point and the other charges to full in a mere 10 minutes using a DC fast charger. The car promises a driving range of around 200 kms on a single charge.

Connected via IoT network, the 4G-enabled vehicle will also become a platform to introduce self-drive tech in the future. On the inside, the RT90 will come equipped with a 10-inch integrated info centre and a radical steering wheel with a mini HUD, electronic parking brake, media and indicator controls. The car gets an advanced 7 stage air purifier (for air conditioning system) and ABS as well.

Currently, Hriman Motors LLP is on the lookout for partners and investors and has quoted an asking price of around Rs. 6 lakhs for the electric car. Claimed to be more cost-effective to run than two-wheelers, the RT90 will be made available with multiple payment options. An all-inclusive Total Cost of Ownership model will cost from Rs. 6 to 8 per km.

There will also be an interesting Pay Per Day option after an initial outlay of Rs. 600 for customers with a good credit score. Future projects from Hriman Motors LLP include a 6-seater RT Transporter and a 4-seater RT900 car which will offer more than 350 Nm of torque.

Hriman Motors RT90

– RT90 two-seater electric car to launch by mid-2018
– Offers 200 km range, lifetime battery needs no replacement
– Full charge in 10 minutes via DC fast charger
– Price expected to be around Rs. 6 lakhs

Hriman Motors RT90 Front
The aluminium trellis frame underneath gives it superior load-bearing capacity
Hriman Motors RT90 Rear
Rumours suggest that the vehicle’s road testing is currently going on
Hriman Motors RT90 Features
The square-shaped steering wheel has perforated grip and a mini HUD on top
Hriman Motors RT90 Interior
The cabin gets two gloveboxes and an integrated 10-inch display