Hyundai Creta EV Prototype
The prototype is based on the current generation model

Hyundai Creta electric prototype spotted, interior revealed

Hyundai has been testing the Creta with an electric powertrain in India since a long while, this time around we managed to click the interior of the prototype.

We noticed a few changes compared to the ICE version’s interior. The EV gets a different instrument cluster which might be offering electric powertrain related information like range, battery status, regen data, etc. There is a different touchscreen setup as well which looks a bit smaller in size.

There is no gear selector lever like the ICE version’s automatic variant. Instead it might come with a rotary knob to select the drive mode. Apart from these changes there are a few additional parts like the switches under the push button start, some element under the right stalk, etc.

Currently, Hyundai is offering Kona EV and Ioniq 5 in their electric vehicle portfolio in India. The Creta EV will be targeted towards a wider audience and sit under the Kona EV. We have no details about the specifications but Hyundai is expected to offer strong performance and decent range with the Creta EV.

It will be introduced in a completely new avatar by 2025. Hyundai will give it a revised look and new interior loaded with more features and tech.

Hyundai Creta EV Prototype Interior
Notice the few changes compared to the ICE model
Hyundai Creta EV Prototype
It has been spotted multiple times under testing