Hyundai plans to launch a petrol automatic variant of the Creta. The Elite i20 too will get an automatic gearbox that too on the petrol version.

2015 Hyundai Creta Review
Hyundai’s attractive compact SUV Creta to get an automatic petrol option

Hyundai, one of the leading car manufacturers in India have always believed in innovation and performance. Hyundai launched its compact SUV, the Creta last year and the sales took a never ending hike. The Creta received applauding response in the market. Indeed the best looking compact SUV in its segment. Not only did it receive record breaking sales and bookings, the Creta is also being exported to 92 different countries.

The Hyundai Creta is available in three petrol engine variants and seven diesel engine variants. The 6-speed automatic transmission is offered in the 1.6-litre SX+ diesel variant. This single automatic variant received 18% of sales. Amazed by the diesel automatic variant’s response, Hyundai plans to launch the automatic petrol variant of the Creta in the near future which would be priced Rs. 1.5 lakhs cheaper than the diesel automatic variant.

Customers have shown immense interest in the automatic version of the Creta, convincing Hyundai to consider its option for the petrol variant. Hyundai expects the automatic version to account for 30% of Creta sales. Hyundai also plans on launching an automatic petrol variant of the Elite i20 which will use a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. The Elite i20 which was launched in 2014 had breakthrough sales. The i20 is the only Hyundai car apart from the Eon that doesn’t have an automatic variant.

Hyundai is not concentrating on Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) technology as of now. Hyundai plans on continuing with the two gearbox variants namely, manual and fully automatic transmission. The Korean automaker expects a big rise in the sales of both the Creta and Elite i20 with the new automatic petrol variants in the future.

Hyundai Creta Petrol Automatic

– Hyundai Creta automatic petrol variant to be Rs. 1.5 lakh cheaper than the diesel variant
– Automatic petrol variant to account for 30% sales of Creta
– Elite i20 to get an automatic petrol variant too

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