The latest buzz from Hyundai is the Eon which is due to be launched on the 13th of this month. However, lot of details about the vehicle have already been revealed. Recently the Hyundai Eon brochure was also leaked. Recently there were leaked pictures of Hyundai Santro, Hyundai Eon and Hyundai i10 parked side by side at some dealership or stockyard shared by user puneetghai1978 on the Team-BHP forum. We have a look at those images and compare them.

Hyundai i10 Dimensions

• Length = 3565 mm
• Width = 1595 mm
• Height = 1550 mm

Hyundai Santro Dimensions

• Length = 3565 mm
• Width = 1525 mm
• Height = 1590 mm

Hyundai Eon Dimensions

• Length = 3495 mm
• Width = 1550 mm
• Height = 1500 mm

From these figures, it clear that the Eon is smaller by 100 mm compared to the other 2. So, the interior space might get compromised a bit. However, it is wider than the Santro to balance compensating for the loss. The Santro is the tallest followed by the i10 and the Eon but seating height and head room also depends on seat height with respect to ground level, so its difficult to judge the headroom from this data.

From the front, the Eon resembles the i10 a lot. Both the cars are styled on Hyundai’s Fluidic sculpture design language with sharp eye headlights, sleek two part grille, triangular fog lamp design, larger and smoother curve on the front windshield merging smoothly into the roof of the car. The wheel arches are also quite bulging and add to the aesthetics. The Eon too is the best looking of the lot from the rear but in terms of visibility the Santro leads the way with its large windshield area. However, Hyundai i10 looks more elegant with nicely wrapped around tail lamps, and fairly large windshield rear for a good rear view from inside rear view mirror. Also the bumper of i10 is more stylish with integrated reflector inserts on both sides which make it looks different. Overall. The Eon looks like a shrunk version of the i10.

A close up look of the front reveals the integrated front side indicators to the front head lamps, the chrome strip on the front grille and the slightly bulged out headlamp design. Overall, it gives a very sporty and dynamic look to the car especially considering the category of its competition. From the rear too, the integrated spoiler has a stop light mounted to it. The integrated spoiler really adds up to the appeal of the car. There is a parcel tray to keep teeny-weeny stuff behind the rear seat from inside the cabin. Though the boot space is not huge, yet should be sufficient enough for city commuters.

The engine is the downsized iRDE derived from the 1.1L i10. Interiors are also quite upmarket compared to the other 2 but may not be as good as the i10 considering its price. All in all, Hyundai has developed a really good car to take on the competition head on!!

Pictures Source – Team-BHP via CarBlogIndia