Hyundai’s Kappa engined i10 is indeed fantastic, a test drive of the new 1.2L powered i10 makes us say so.

The already good i10 becomes even better with the Kappa engine. This engine is Euro 5 compliant, DOHC, 16 valve unit and produces a decent 80bhp@5200RPM, 11.4KGM@4000RPM and redlines at 6500RPM. Sounds pretty good on paper, oh yes it does.  Here are some important points about the i10 1.2 : –

  • Engine revvs smoothly.
  • Good engine power for a small hatch.
  • Ride and handling remains good.
  • The new 1.2 engine is 3kgs lighter then the 1.1 IRDe.
  • AC didn’t seem to be cooling well enough.
  • Steering is light and makes it easy to manoeuvre the i10.
  • Top model is overpriced at above Rs. 6 lacs.
  • Sportz model has nothing sporty about it.
  • Gear shift is smooth.
  • Non ABS version has decent brakes, hard braking tends to lock the wheels.
  • Interiors are very good.
  • Red coloured i10 has red inserts on dash which doesn’t seem that impressive.
  • Boot is decent.
  • Mileage : Hyundai claim some unrealistic figures but 12-14 in city is achievable.

To sum up the car is very good value and definately worth a buy. Its practical and ticks in almost every department. The only chink in its armour is the lack of a diesel engine, but not for long.