Hyundai send us a mail stating the following : –

At Hyundai, we respect your loyalty. And it’s time we celebrate together. As our esteemed Hyundai customer, you are invited to avail the benefits of ‘Certificate of Loyalty’ that gives you Rs. 15,000/- worth of loyalty bonus on the purchase of a Santro or an i10.

Now we don’t own a Hyundai, nor has any one at Motorbeam ever owned a Hyundai. So if we are liable to a loyalty certificate like this, we are sure even you are. So if you are buying a new Santro, go ahead and get Rs. 15,000/- loyalty bonus. And if you are buying the i10, please don’t! A new one is just around the corner and this scheme has alot to do with its arrival, a la stock clearance.