Hyundai India organised the ‘Miles & Smiles Rally 2010’ for its i20 customers in Delhi, covering a distance of approximately 81 kms. The event was sponsored by the Indian Oil Corporation and Wynn’s Mekuba (as associate sponsor) and garnered a phenomenal response with as many as 80 Hyundai i20 cars – both 1.2 litre Petrol and 1.4 litre Diesel variant – customers and their families participating. The rally began with a brief presentation on the techniques of fuel efficient driving after which the participants tanked up at a nearby IOC filling station; the tanks were sealed after the fuelling and no was allowed to refuel during the rally. The odometer readings were noted by the organizers and the trip meter was set to zero.

The ‘Miles & Smiles Rally’ is a special initiative of HMIL to help its customers in different cities to acquaint themselves better with their cars – learn the techniques of fuel efficient driving, calculate the mileage per litre and also win exciting prizes in the process. The rally also aims at raising the awareness about the judicious use of the scarce fossil fuels, by promoting fuel efficient driving habits among customers.

After the flag off the participants drove on the pre-determined route which took them to the Greater Noida Express Way. At the end of the rally the cars were re-filled and the amount of fuel consumed was measured again and the participant who had used the minimum fuel was declared the winner. Prizes included a cash award of Rs 10,000 for the winner, and Rs 6,000 and Rs 4,000 for the first and second runners up respectively in each category of cars. The event ended with a host of games for the children and the families enjoying a sumptuous lunch. All participants agreed in unison that it was a greatly enriching experience – a picnic which also involved a useful practical lesson.