Recall mania continues and this time Maruti Suzuki is replacing fuel pump gaskets of the A-Star, following reports of anomalies in the fuel tank. Approximately 1 lakh cars (including exports), manufactured before August 22, 2009, will get new fuel pump gaskets and O rings. The company came across this issue last November as part of a regular quality monitoring process. Maruti started contacting the customers in December, 2009. The cost incurred in the replacements will be shared with the supplier partner.

In Pune, customers received phone calls and SMSs from the dealers, asking them to bring in their cars for the replacement. A gasket and ring replacement means that the rubber part is defective, leading to leakages or chances of a leakage. The problem occurs when fuel is filled to the brim, beyond the fuel auto cutoff position, creating the possibility of fuel leakage from the fuel pump mounting area. The company maintains it to be proactive step and no problem has been reported by customers.