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Hyundai India is almost done with its launches for 2012. The Korean automaker has given the i20 a slight facelift and launched the new Sonata already. The company’s next launch is the Elantra, which will take place in the next six weeks time. The company has given the Santa Fe a facelift globally, giving it the fluidic styling. However the new Hyundai Santa Fe won’t be launched in India this year. Hyundai will launch the fluidic Santa Fe in the first quarter of 2013 instead. The company will concentrate on promotional activities throughout the remaining part of the year.

The new Hyundai Santa Fe has got major changes to its styling, which makes it very attractive. The company has also given it a new 2.2-litre R diesel engine which produces 200 PS of power output and 431 Nm of torque output. This results in the Santa Fe hitting 100 km/h in just 9.4 seconds. The new Santa Fe also incorporates FLEX STEER system, which gives the driver the option to chose between normal, comfort or sport settings for the steering wheel. Other features include ESP, Downhill Brake Control, Vehicle Stability Management and Hill Assist Control.

Hyundai India has aggressive plans for the Santa Fe. With the updated model, the SUV will have much more appeal among the SUV loving crowd in India. To ensure the new Santa Fe sells more than the old model, Hyundai is going the CKD route, which will help in pricing the vehicle very aggressively. Expect Hyundai to offer the Santa Fe with 4×2 and 4×4 options with manual and automatic transmissions. Hyundai offers two versions of the new Santa Fe – short wheelbase version called the Sport and the long wheel base version simply called the Santa Fe. The latter has 7-seats and is the one heading to India.

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