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The advancement in technology on motorcycles in India can be clearly seen. In the last few years, self starter, digital console, disc brakes along with ABS functionality have become common to the Indian biking scenario. Interestingly, the new development that could be seen in the near future is the engine start/stop function on Indian motorcycles. The eco-friendly development has already been featured on several luxury cars but India will be the first market across the world to get such development on two-wheelers.

Recently, TE Connectivity, a component manufacturer for automobile industry disclosed that they have been developing the start/stop technology for two-wheelers in collaboration with one of its major offshore customer. The company has reached to the advance stage of design and will introduce the component within next three months in the market. The application of the start/stop feature will be more adaptable to gearless scooters. The system will function in geared two-wheelers too, only when they will be in neutral as geared two-wheelers require clutch engagement to start while standing in gear.

TE Connectivity will introduce the start/stop device as an aftermarket option initially, however a few motorcycle manufacturers have shown interest in the development that makes the possibility of the technology to come as a standard fitment with new models in the future. Fuel efficiency is expected to be significantly improved after the installation as it will help local commuters to save fuel while waiting at traffic signals and during jams.

Keeping the local commuter in mind, the price of the system will also be competitive as the developer is more concerned to capture the mass market in India (around 100cc bikes). TE Connectivity is a leading electronic components and start/stop unit supplier to several giant automakers like BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

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Source – Overdrive