The front forks in this 13-feet long bike are themselves 6-feet in length.


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Zakir Khan, an interior designer from the city of Bengaluru has a passion for building bikes. He has already built two custom bikes and has recently completed the third one. But the third bike is nothing like your average custom motorcycle. This one stands at 13-feet in length, you read that right and its other specifications are as insane as the bike itself.

Bengaluru is a city where its people have for years dreaded the miserable traffic condition. In this situation, the logical thing would have been to produce a nippy and a compact motorcycle to zip past the city traffic. But Zakir Khan has decided to move in exactly the opposite direction. He has come up with a 13-feet long chopper to fulfil his wild dream of setting a record for the longest motorcycle in the world.

The cost of the total build has come to Rs. 7.5 lakhs. You can get a second-hand Triumph Daytona at that cost but then, exclusivity has its own price. The chopper uses a Bajaj Avenger sourced 220cc engine, but has been re-tuned to output higher power figures. This re-tuning along with the 450 kilograms weight of the bike results in a mileage of 7 km/l, not particularly environmental conscious. Top speed of the chopper is rated at 120 km/hr. With a custom built chassis, straight line stability is not a problem. However, turning radius is huge owing to the long wheelbase and those 6-feet long steering forks.

Stopping the bike are disc brakes at the front and the rear. The bike has been given a camouflage colour paint which is an irony considering you cannot really hide it anywhere with that bulk. There is a typical skull-shaped headlamp to light up the road for those night rides. An interesting thing about the bike is its rear tyre which has been taken from a mini-truck. The silencer is also placed on the front of the bike instead of the rear. An issue with this will be the exhaust fumes, which instead of going away from you will come towards you once you really start rolling.

It took Zakir Khan 45 days to get the bike ready. The chopper has a remarkable stance and demands attention, thanks to its length and a 5.5-feet width. It is not exactly practical or economical, but it sure is an ambitious project that is detached from any sensible or empirical concepts.

Note – While the person in the above video is riding without a helmet, we do not endorse such unsafe riding techniques and we encourage all of you to always ride with a helmet and proper riding gear.

India’s Longest Motorcycle

– It stands at 13-feet long
– A 220cc, re-tuned Bajaj Avenger engine powers this chopper
– It was produced at a cost of Rs. 7.5 lakhs

India's Longest Bike
Zakir Khan with his under construction chopper in his garage
India's Longest Motorcycle
Zakir Khan’s size pales in front of the size of this prolonged motorcycle