Rain Cancelling Headlamps From Intel

Intel Corporation, a name known to many as an IT company making processor chips has now come up with a development in the field of automotive technologies. When this happens, it is quite easy to guess that the company is coming up with some stuff that will change your driving experience. Many of the accidents that have happened in the past during the rainy season has been due to poor visibility in the rain. Now Intel has come up with a technology that will make rain disappear from the direct line of sight of the driver.

The Intel developed headlight houses a camera within the head lamp assembly which detects rain as it falls. It then uses a processor to detect and predict the exact path of water. The actual light is created by a projector which uses information sent by the processor to block out the pixels where the rain is predicted to fall. In the above picture, it is seen that the rain drops are almost invisible. This technology developed by Intel should certainly improve visibility in the rain.

This rain cancelling technology shown by Intel is under development and Intel thinks that this technology can make its way to production in the next ten years. If this happens, there will certainly be lesser number of accidents in rainy conditions and this technology could change your bitter driving experience during the rainy season to better. The technology is still in initial states of testing, so expect many changes to occur before it is commercial available to a large section of cars.