KTM 390 Supermoto
Wire-spoked wheels on the new-generation Duke 390’s chassis? Hmmmm.

It looks like KTM might have let it slip that it is working on a 390 supermoto through a new patent application pertaining to its upcoming radar cruise control system.

We know that the brand had planned a supermoto/dual-purpose machine in the 125/250/390 class and now it looks like it might be put into production once the next-generation Duke 390 goes on sale, for it looks to be heavily based on the bike.

Bear in mind that the patent might simply use any motorcycle to illustrate the brand’s radar system supplied by Bosch, but the similarities to the upcoming Duke 390 cannot be overlooked either.

The obvious giveaway that it is the KTM 390 supermoto is the presence of wire-spoked wheels, while the engine, chassis, subframe and even the tank look similar to the Duke 390 that is under development.

Thus, it is highly likely that KTM might launch its 390 supermoto overseas after the new-generation Duke 390 is introduced.

Now, coming to the radar system, KTM seems to have different ideas about how to integrate it with the headlight.

One design, where the radar nestles between what looks like an inverted 2-pronged fork, has already been spied on the 1290 Super Adventure test mules.

Another design is much better, for the radar system is integrated onto the top portion of the headlight, making the lighting unit look a bit like Optimus Prime’s face and not like that of a house fly that the previous one resembles.

KTM has not forgotten about its sister brand Husqvarna either, as the third design shows a circular headlight design at the middle of which sits the radar sensor. We might see this system on the upcoming Norden 901 for all we know.

KTM 390 Supermoto

  • KTM 390 supermoto might be in the works
  • The firm has also filed patent applications for radar tech
  • Looks like KTM is yet to decide on how to place the radar sensor
KTM Radar System Placement
This system has already been spotted on the upcoming 1290 Super Adventure
KTM Radar System Design
It is possible that this layout might be for smaller capacity bikes
Husqvarna Radar System
Husqvarna’s radar placement is simple, yet best

Source – Bennetts.co.uk