The Singapore Grand Prix is undoubtedly the favourite race of all Formula 1 drivers. Its not the night race or the track design that attracts everyone to the race. But, it is the overall party atmosphere and enthusiasm of fans that makes Singapore Grand Prix so popular. The location of the Singapore track also goes a long way in making the race so interesting. The best part though is, with F1 timings set to ensure maximum European audience, the Singapore grand prix is a night race.

Driving a Formula 1 car is not easy at all and the Singapore race, although a favourite of F1 drivers is not easy on them. The humidity is very high and drivers sweat even before wearing their racing suit. But the real fun lies in the parties which start early on in the day, even before the race starts. The awesome track and the night race creates an awesome atmosphere worth witnessing, making the Singapore grand prix a must visit for all Formula 1 fans.

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