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When the others are developing hybrid vehicles for ordinary use, Jaguar the worlds renowned sports luxury car maker has been developing hybrid ‘sports’ cars. This time we are having C-X16 the 380 PS, Supercharged V6 Jag. It has been built on the ‘One Plus One’ principle from Jaguar that promises that performance and hybrid can co-exist. This is as sleek as one Jaguar can be with well balanced stance and curves that defines the sportiness. The swept back headlamps houses a projector lamp with J shaped daytime running LEDs. The pointed nose has a wild cat faced Jag symbol in distinctive elliptical grill. This is accompanied by large air-scoops, 2 on both sides. Side profile and the overall shape looks little similar to C-X75 concept. The four wheels are placed as far as possible in the corners surrounding the cabin. The aerodynamics is what drives the design language of this concept Jag.

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Interiors are finished in Vermillion Red leather with custom combinations. Aircraft inspired layout surrounds the driver. The control buttons are hidden initially, when ignition is powered up it initiates the starting sequence just like fighter jet- Typhoon. The C-X16 features the next generation of the system, augmenting the central screen with two rows of ‘Home’ keys on either side that provide shortcuts to top-level menu functions. Prototype supercharged all-alloy V6 engine which produces 380 PS and (450 Nm) of torque from 3.0-liters. Along with this there is an electric motor producing 95PS and 235Nm of torque available to the driver at the push of a steering-wheel boost button. This power plant supplies its power through eight speed gear box to the drive train. O-100 kmph is achieved in 4.4 seconds thanks to 3.0-liter V6. The carbon emissions are to the level of 165g/km.

The concept is propelled by a hybrid powertrain that combines an all-alloy V6 engine with a performance-boosting electric motor inspired by the Formula One KERS system. The advantages of this hybrid-performance system is threefold: to supplement the V6 engine through an on-demand ‘Push to Pass’ system; to reduce fuel consumption; and to allow the C-X16 to perform as a zero tailpipe-emissions electric vehicle at speeds of up to 80kmph. Some feature like Intelligent Start/Stop system, Energy recovery system and lithium ion battery pack to store power. Overall package seems much closer to reality which also adds ‘Colour Green’ to the sports car. This seems the first step towards the bigger aim on horizon, the C-X75.

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Jaguar also displayed its complete range consisting of the facelifted XF, XJ L and the XKRS at the 2012 Auto Expo.

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