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Jaguar a brand which has always given many beauties in the past like XK120, C-Type, D-Type, XJ13, E-Type, XJ220, once again repeated their history by making C-X75. The C-X75 was named in honor of Jaguar’s 75th anniversary; the C stands for concept and the X for experimental. The car perfectly re-defines the design terminology of hybrid cars. Many other brands have showcased their concept cars till now, but none of them appears so appealing and so familiar as this Jag. With natural and smooth lines flowing all over, this design looks like it has been inspired from feminity. Jaguar has done excellent job not only in visual department but also in engineering department by producing a Hybrid car which has gas turbine engines and said range of 900 km..!!

Being a supercar exterior design is completely driven by pure aerodynamics. Talking about its looks will require all the words defining beauty from the Oxford. From front to rear end car takes shape with smooth curves. This wild cat looks like it is ready to attack because the overall stance is wide, low and poised. Front fairs a prominent trapezoidal grill with large air scoops on both sides. Bonnet has bulge at its center which houses one more air scoop inside. Moving along side, first thing you will be attracted to are the wheel arches housing Shiny alloys that are ready to stun you with turbine blade like layout. Bulged wheel arches surrounds the cabin giving it a cockpit like appearance. Sloping curved glass, rectangular twin exhausts, sharp aerodynamic cuts, clean and pointed taillights and finally jumping wildcat Jaguar symbol, all this merges up a creating perfect ending story. The color Jet stream Silver adds worth to the work done by design engineers.

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A glimpse of the interiors tells the driver that you are driving a machine which has twin turbine running it. Everywhere you will find that curves are inspired by the turbines only. Jaguar has been producing cars with classy interiors with best possible combinations of leather and metals. This time also seats and cushioning is finished in premium high class material. The seats will absorb you with innovative shape. Between two seats you’ll find a lever which completely resembles with throttle lever of Jet. Gauges are similar to those found on aircraft. In this high tech cabin you’ll find a tiny little analogue watch which looks classy and reminds you that you are in a iconic British car. Rest of the cabin is simple, roomy and a class apart.

Coming to the point on which many bright minds have spent their efforts, the power house of C – X75. Power comes to the road using four independent electric motors making it four wheel drive. The energy created by two micro turbines developed by Bladon Jets (a British Engineering firm) and stored in the batteries to power those motors. Each of the micro gas-turbines weighs just 35kg and produces 70kW of power at a constant 80,000rpm. Similarly each motor weighs just 50kg but produces 195bhp of power and a jaw dropping combined total torque output of 1600Nm. This makes Jaguar C-X75 capable of reaching 0 to 100kph in 3.4 seconds with zero tailpipe emissions during urban use. Also propels it to the top speed of 330kph.

A six-hour plug-in charge of the Lithium-ion batteries allows an electric-only range of 110km. However, in Range-Extended Electric Vehicle (RE-EV) mode, the innovative twin turbines can either charge the car’s batteries on-the-fly, allowing the supercar to travel 900km between fill-ups or, in Track mode, automatically provide supplementary power directly to the electric motors to allow the car to top 330kph.
There is lot more to be discovered about this car as feature list seems to be never ending. We’ll keep you updated with time, so for more do watch this space.

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