The websites of Jaguar and Land Rover do not have any mention of Tata Motors, their current owners. Jaguar website also has a section on its history, beginning 1922 when it was conceived, but it culminates in the year 2004, much before Tatas acquired it in 2008. Even Tata Motors website does not have Jaguar and Land Rover in the list of its brands although their takeover has been mentioned as one of the milestones of 2008.

“Jaguar Land Rover is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Tata Motors. The websites focus on Jaguar and Land Rover product information in different countries, product-centric websites do not require corporate information,” Tata Motors spokesperson said.

However, another prized acquisition, European steel giant Corus flaunts the name of its Indian owners on its website. “Corus is a part of the Tata Steel Group,” the global steel major says on its website, which has also adopted the theme colour of Tata Steel, blue, in addition to its all-red look before the takeover.