2012 Jaguar XF Diesel

The English automobile maestro Jaguar owned by Tata Motors has made an announcement to enter into the production of a entry level luxury sedan. Looking at the increasing demand in this particular category they have come to this decision. This will definitely cause a little drift in this segment owing to this announcement. Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW have their lions share in this segment as for now. The three German giants may have to face some competition with Jaguar’s entry in the entry level segment. We could see this vehicle being launched next year.

We have the Audi A4, Mercedes C-Class and the BMW 3-Series lined up in this segment already. The expected price of Jaguar’s entry level sedan may be around Rs. 25-30 lakh. Mercedes-Benz’ current entry level car in India is the B-Class while BMW is planning to bring in the 1-Series. If Jaguar has to stand out among these German machines it has to have a distinct look, great engine output, and priced reasonably with its fellow rivals. In this brand loving generation of car buyers it could bring a great volume of sales for Jaguar in India.

The world is indeed going small. All the German luxury car makers are developing entry level sedan, which are smaller than their current entry level sedans. Thus Audi is planning to launch the A3, while Mercedes-Benz is working on the CLA-Class. BMW will bring in the 1-Series sedan. The reason for going with smaller entry level cars are multiple. The current entry level cars have grown in size over the years, leaving room for a smaller sedan for brand conscious buyers.