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Jawa Perak Review

Bike Tested: Jawa Perak; Road Test No. 1312; Test Location: Mumbai

Price OTR Mumbai: Rs. 2,34,000/-

The Jawa Perak is the most affordable bobber bike available in India

Jawa launched the Perak back in November 2019 and just when we thought we would get to ride one, the pandemic struck us all. And, after a long wait of almost one year, we finally have our hands on one of the most anticipated motorcycles, the Jawa Perak. The Perak enjoys being the only affordable bobber bike available in the country. It is the most expensive bike in the brand’s lineup. Certainly, the Perak carries the X-factor when it comes to looking good and standing out but how well does it fare in real life? Should you buy one? We find out!

MotorQuest: Jawa started out back in 1929 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. “Jawa” stands for Janeček and Wanderer. The Perak was one of the most successful bikes from the brand during the 1970s. In October 2016, Classic Legends signed a licensing deal to launch motorcycles under the Jawa brand name in India and a few neighbouring countries.

Jawa Perak Review 20
The mono-shock is smartly placed under the seat which is quite ingenious

Styling – The Perak is a harmonious looking motorcycle. In fact, the way this bike looks is the main reason you want one, right? The classic round halogen headlamp held in the beautiful cowl looks very stylish. Adding to the style are the spoke wheels wrapped around by chunky rubber that scream personality. The tank has a classic round shape with gold pinstripes that look beautiful and the Jawa badge surely looks premium. Interestingly, the only chrome element on the bike is the fuel lid. Everything else including the engine is done up in a matte-black finish which goes well with the colour of the bike. The Perak gets a halogen headlamp and indicators while the taillight is an LED unit and in 2021, we expected all-around LEDs to be offered.

Jawa Perak Review 15
The halogen headlamp offers decent illumination

The Perak is a very minimalist bobber with irresistible retro appeal

The floating seat is the main highlight of the Perak and draws a lot of attention! The low-hanging slash-cut twin exhausts look surreal. But sadly, the Perak is available in only one colour option, and we believe that the Perak unquestionably deserves more. There are several fit-finish issues like – the cables are held together with zip-ties, uneven panel gaps, the fuel lid isn’t hinged down and, the instrument cluster is prone to catch moisture during hazy mornings. Such flaws shouldn’t exist on a production motorcycle. Clearly, Jawa has got a lot to work on. Still, the Perak is a well-designed motorcycle and showcases the potential of Classic Legends.

Jawa Perak Review 31
The instrument cluster is aesthetically pleasing, the retro font suits the bike

Instrument Cluster and Switchgear – The instrument cluster is a basic unit that hosts an analogue speedometer, a tiny fuel gauge and a minuscule digital odometer. The needles are in contrast to the black background. However, the readability is seriously compromised due to the poor positioning of the cluster which is too flat and far from the reach of the rider. Besides, the speedo needle swings from right to left which is very confusing. Adding to that is the tiny fuel gauge, at a glance, it’s hard to tell if it’s pointing up or down while the odometer is just too small to be read. It is quite shocking that a bike that costs above 2 lakh rupees has such a basic and poorly placed instrument cluster.

The bar end mirrors look very cool and suit the design of the bike

The switchgear setup on the Perak is simple and gets the job done. The left switchgear hosts a high-low beam switch, indicator switch and a horn button. While the right one has an engine kill switch and a starter button. Overall, the switchgear quality feels good and offers decent feedback. In conclusion, we feel that Jawa could have easily added a better and more modern instrument cluster with practical features like side stand cut-off, range, average fuel economy, etc. that aren’t too much to ask.

Jawa Perak Review 11
The tan seat is quite wide and very well contoured

Ergonomics – Given that the Perak is a bobber, the ergonomics of this motorcycle won’t please everyone. The seat height is 750 mm, which is just too low and cramped for anyone above 5’8″. The seating posture is upright. And for taller riders, it’s very close to a squat position! Although the cushioning is decent, it is a bit too soft for our liking and, well-built adults might feel sunken. Adding to the discomfort is the improper positioning of the footpegs that are slightly front set rather than being placed at the very front as seen in traditional bobber motorcycles, as a result, your legs might hit the quarter panels quite often when you try to move around. The handlebar is of the right length and feels easy to move. However, the bar end mirrors don’t offer a broad view of what’s behind.

Jawa Perak Review 4
The power delivery is instant and there is no lag whatsoever

Performance – Powering the Perak is a liquid-cooled 334cc engine that produces 30 PS of power and 32.7 Nm. This motor packs a strong low end, a brilliant mid-range and a decent top end making it most suitable for city duties. The motor is quite smooth but there are a lot of vibrations in the midrange and as the revs climb, they get quite strong. Regardless, the 0-100 km/hr run takes 10.64 seconds and the motor maxes out at 131 km/hr but after 115 km/hr the motor feels quite flat. The clutch is well-weighed and offers a decent amount of feedback. The Perak gets a 6-speed gearbox aided by a slipper clutch which results in slick shifts every time.

Jawa Perak Review 13
The Perak is the only bike in it’s segment that offers liquid cooling

It revs quickly while the exhaust note of the Perak is noticeable and iconic

Due to the presence of a 6th gear, you can carry a higher pace while cruising and extract better mileage, all while keeping the RPMs low. The Perak is the only bike in its segment to have a 6-speed transmission and liquid cooling. The fan kicks in while riding through stop-go traffic however it channels the air in a vertical course, keeping your legs safe from the heat, which is commendable. On our test with the Perak, it returned around 29 km/l and with a 14-litre fuel tank, the range lies at 400 km which is good. Overall, the Perak has a very likeable performance and one can really enjoy riding this bike.

Jawa Perak Review 3
The gearing is slightly tall which makes riding quite engaging

Riding Dynamics – The Jawa Perak has brilliant riding dynamics. Up-front, it has a telescopic front suspension and a 7-step adjustable mono-shock paired to an all-new double cradle tubular frame chassis. This combination is quite brilliant for enthusiasts as it is stiff and feedback-rich. The Perak weighs just 175 kgs which makes it easy to flick around, however, its length will bother you while filtering through traffic as it is quite long. Cornering on the Perak feels fun as the tyres inspire confidence and there is abundant feedback but, the low hanging exhaust and side-stand tend to scrape while going too hard. And over bad roads, the rear has a very strong bounce-back effect which could be painful.

Jawa Perak Review 5
At 1485 mm of wheelbase, the Perak is one of the longest bikes in its segment

The Jawa Perak is the most unique motorcycle in its price bracket

With a ground clearance of just 145 mm, the Perak is prone to scraping over large speed breakers. At the front, the stopping duties are managed by a 280 mm disc and the rear unit is a 240 mm disc powered by Brembo callipers. The initial bike isn’t as strong you’d expect as these are the same brakes that are offered on the other Jawa motorcycles which produce less power. However, we still feel that the brakes could have done with better stopping power. The dual-channel ABS does come in handy and does its job well. Overall dynamics are more suited for an enthusiast than a comfort finder.

Jawa Perak Review 2
The Jawa feels very light and nimble to ride

Verdict – At Rs. 2,34,000/- (on-road, Mumbai) the Jawa Perak isn’t exactly cheap. It is costlier than its competitors while some come neck-to-neck. Although, the price to value proposition isn’t exactly justified. There are a lot of finishing related issues on the Perak and there is a huge scope for improvement for the upcoming model. Jawa’s dealership and service network aren’t as widespread as its competitors. But the Perak is a good choice if you are looking for a motorcycle for the weekend getaways and small trips to your favourite cafe as it will definitely turn heads more than you’d expect.

Jawa Perak Review 23
The slash-cut exhausts look very striking

What’s Cool

* The Perak surely knows how to look good, it’s a looker
* Segment unique features like – 6-speed gearbox and liquid-cooling
* Dynamics are very well suited for enthusiast, rides like a true bobber

What’s Not So Cool

* Cramped ergonomics for anyone above 5’8”
* Ride quality over bad roads could have been better
* Fit finish of the bike could have been a lot better

Jawa Perak Review 29
The taillight is smartly integrated into the rear seat

2021 Jawa Perak Specifications

* Engine: 334cc, Single-Cylinder, Liquid-Cooled
* Power: 30 PS
* Torque: 32.7 Nm
* Fuel Type: Petrol
* Fuel Consumption: 28-32 km/l
* Frame: Double Cradle Tubular Frame
* Gearbox: 6-Speed
* Tyres: 100/90-18 (Front), 140/70/17 (Rear)
* Suspension: Telescopic Forks (Front), Pre-load Adjustable Monoshock (Rear)
* Brakes: 280mm (Front), 240 mm Disc (Rear); Dual-Channel ABS

2021 Jawa Perak Dimensions

* Wheelbase: 1485 mm
* Seat Height: 750 mm
* Fuel Tank Capacity: 14-litres
* Kerb weight: 175 Kgs

Jawa Perak Review 27
The chunky tyres and spoke wheels look quite purposeful