Kawasaki Ninja ZX-2R Four Cylinder

If you remember, a couple of weeks back we reported that an in-line four-cylinder quarter-litre motorcycle is on its way from Kawasaki to cater to the Asian markets, especially Indonesia, where an insane amount of tax is levied on bikes higher than 250cc in engine displacement. So to give them the fun of a singing four-cylinder motor, this is the only void which can be filled. Two 250cc blocks were pictured and that is what was the start of the movie called inline-four quarter-litre Kawasaki coming soon. As always, the news from Indonesia did make some sense but it is still doldrums because whatever they said has not been proven yet.

Yet another unproven news comes from our brothers in Indonesia that either two-cylinder 45-50 BHP version is on its way or a four-cylinder is the one which is going to be put into production. Kawasaki’s Indonesian subsidiary has submitted a report to the head of state which are in Japan who will analyse and give a nod to either of these projects. It is quite clear despite whatever happens, it is going to be a four-cylinder as this project has come to life only to give riders the option to play around with a four banger.

We carry this piece of information just to keep you updated on something which is unlikely to come to India. Because we also face high amount of RTO taxes in India which is also counted on a cylinder basis, as the capacity number. Only people like the almighty know what’s going on now. This news is as plain as the vanilla of the 1990’s. However, the irony here is that this is the bike of the 1990’s as well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that some company re-starts the low capacity 4-cylinder bug of yesteryears.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-2R