Kawasaki Eliminator H2
This is the render of the said motorcycle

In their July 2020 issue, Young Machine had rendered the Kawasaki Eliminator H2 power-cruiser, and now it turns out the motorcycle is nearing the end of its development cycle.

A combination of the Ninja H2 and the Eliminator cruiser, the supercharged Eliminator H2 is reportedly likely to make its debut as early as 2021.

While we are in the dark with regard to how the motorcycle will look, we do have the render (pictured above) to look at and, with the best will in the world, it is not the best-looking thing.

However, Kawasaki has produced some very pretty machines on 2 wheels and we can expect them to come up with something attractive to say the least.

The Kawasaki Eliminator H2 in the render uses a tubular frame just like that found on the H2, but, since it is a cruiser, it does come with a sloping fuel tank and low-set saddle. Expect it to share many chassis components with the Z H2 naked bike.

When Kawasaki officially releases the motorcycle, it will likely come with the option of a passenger seat, while forward-set foot pegs and high-set handlebar, will be a given.

What about the engine you ask? Well, it will be the same 998cc 4-cylinder supercharged engine powering the Z H2 that will do duty on the Eliminator H2.

However, do not expect 200 PS max power, as it is a cruiser, a different engine tune is a must. Nonetheless, with expected maximum power output to be around 175 HP, this would become the big daddy of power-cruisers.

Kawasaki Eliminator H2

  • Kawasaki Eliminator H2 is nearly complete
  • The power-cruiser will make use of the Z H2’s engine
  • Likely to make its global debut as early as next year
Kawasaki Ninja H2R
Kawasaki’s supercharged engine is a literal powerhouse

Source – Visordown.com