Kawasaki J Concept Comfort  Mode

Kawasaki has brought a rather different concept to the Tokyo Motor Show this year with the shape-shifting “J” 3-wheeler electric vehicle concept. The J concept is definitely one of the best exhibits at the motor show and propels the concept of combined forms of vehicles in the future. The concept carries two wheels in the front and one wider wheel at the rear and is said to be powered by a battery source.

On face value, the Kawasaki J concept looks like a cross between the Tron light-cycles and the Bat-pod with the goblin green and white tyres adding to the vehicle of the future concept. The mainstay of the concept comes out with the shape-shifting feature of the bike that can juggle between a low-slung riding position (Sport Mode) like a super bike at high speeds and of a quad bike like upright position (Comfort Mode) that will be comfortable to ride. Essentially the bike would be able to adapt to the type of travel required. The motorcycle has no handle bars like a conventional two-wheeler and instead can be steered by two individual handle bars that in turn, angle the wheels to change direction.

The power source is said to come from a GIGACELL, a next generation nickel-metal hydride battery on which Kawasaki is currently working. This new type of battery will also be capable of rapid charging and discharging depending on its application. It will not only be used for the J concept but will also find other applications on light trains of the future. It would be too early to talk about the power specifications on the Kawasaki J Concept but look forward to a no sound and no emissions proposition.

Kawasaki has definitely pleased members of the super-hero and fiction world with its concept though. The Kawasaki J Concept surely will change the ways of urban mobility if it does go into production. Even though the concept maybe outlandish today, but definitely looks outstanding. It also opens up room for argument as to how our future motorcycles should be. Will the J concept change the means of motorcycling?

Kawasaki J Concept Gigacell

Kawasaki J Concept Rear

Kawasaki J Concept Side

Kawasaki J Concept Urban Mobility

Kawasaki J Concept Tokyo

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