2014 Kawasaki Ninja 650 Test Ride Review

The Kawasaki Ninja 650 is one the best middleweight bikes you can buy in India at an affordable price. Recently when we reviewed the motorcycle, we told you that it is one of the most comfortable and value for money sports bike on sale in our country. However, the competition does not let that stay and rivals punch each other with the same category of product to respond to it. Something which has been happening around the world with Kawasaki.

The competition, namely Yamaha, has launched the MT-07 which has taken the US and European markets by storm. Twin-cylinder potent engine displacing 686cc and punching out more power and torque while being lighter by at least 35 kgs than the Ninja 650. The MT-07 has the Yamaha DNA and has left the competition no choice but to fight back with a price cut as of now. Kawasaki has dropped the price of the Ninja 650 (ER-6F) by 450 Euros (Rs. 36,000/-) while the naked version ER-6N is now cheaper by 500 Euros (Rs. 40,000/-). Kawasaki will respond to the MT-07 by refreshing the ER series of bikes within the next couple of years. The ER-6N is slated for an Indian launch later this year.

Kawasaki has clearly said that the downward price revision has been done to respond to the Yamaha MT-07. If Yamaha steps in with the MT-07 in India, it can shake the market upside down as well because it will be priced similarly to the Ninja 650 and way less than the upcoming inline-four Honda CBR650F. Yamaha has clearly said that they have no plans as of now to get the bike here, something which they are saying for the launch of the R25 as well. Yamaha has always denied whatever it has been asked. They love to give surprises, which was fine 10 years ago but not in today’s digital word. If you do something which Honda did with the CBR650F, the hype builds up which is great for luring customers.

The Yamaha MT-07 is a superior product in every single way when it comes to comparison on paper. The international reviews only complain about pesky things. However, they are praising the value for money package and everything else. Yamaha sticks to its guns internationally but in India it eyes volumes with scooters, commuters and small displacement sporty motorcycles. Yamaha should bring the MT-07 and in fact the MT-09 as well to India. This is the right time as the market is evolving. Right from Honda to Bajaj and KTM, everybody is set to bring in everything now.

It would be foolish for Yamaha to come extremely late (like the quarter-litre segment) as the market is biased towards one or two particular brands/products. If every competitor is doing it, then there is no reason why we should not expect to see the MT range from Yamaha in our market soon.

2014 Yamaha MT-07 Red