Kawasaki Versys Hybrid Patent

The hybrid tech might improve the performance as well as range

Kawasaki has taken the motorcycle world by storm with the leaked patent design of its upcoming Versys Hybrid. Following the international unveiling of the Z 7 Hybrid, it appears that the Japanese motorcycle giant is gearing up to revolutionise the adventure touring segment with a hybrid powertrain for Versys. The leaked information sheds light on the potential powertrain specifications.

According to the leaked patent file, the Versys Hybrid might share a similar powertrain with its Z 7 Hybrid sibling. This hybrid setup is anticipated to include a 9kW electric motor, a 1.4kWh battery and a 451cc parallel-twin engine.

The combination of electric and internal combustion power could grant riders the flexibility to seamlessly switch between fully electric mode and the traditional ICE when the battery is depleted.

One of the primary advantages of the proposed hybrid setup is the potential enhancement of the bike’s touring capacity. The ability to transition from electric to ICE mode provides riders with an extended range, addressing concerns related to battery life during long journeys. This strategic integration aligns with the growing demand for eco-friendly alternatives without compromising on the thrill and practicality of traditional motorcycles.

While the Versys Hybrid remains in the early stages of development, speculations abound regarding the features it might offer. Enthusiasts can expect manual or automatic gear shift options, full LED illumination, digital dashboard, multiple riding modes, etc.

As of now, the Kawasaki Versys Hybrid appears to be in its nascent stages of development. While the leaked patent design has sparked excitement among motorcycle enthusiasts, an official tease and global debut are anticipated to follow after further development and testing.