The Vulcan S comes with a unique concept known as the Ergo-Fit that comes with three adjustable options and allows the rider to adjust the ergonomics according to his height.

2015 Kawasaki Vulcan S Specifications
The Kawasaki Vulcan S shares its underpinnings with the Ninja 650 & is India bound

At EICMA last year, Kawasaki unveiled its new mid-level cruiser the 2015 Vulcan S that comes equipped with low seating, sportsbike like handling and cracker of a 649cc parallel-twin engine. However, what truly sets the Vulcan S apart from the competition has been the one-of-its-kind Ergo-Fit concept that allows riders of all sizes to adjust the ergonomics according to their height. The Ergo-Fit feature uses the rider’s height as a starting point to get the ideal seating position and comes with three adjustable configurations –

Extended Reach – Targeted at riders with a height of over 6’0″, the extended reach configuration allows riders to adjust the foot peg forward by 1-inch for extra leg room. Riders also get the option to move the seat back by 1-inch providing hip support.

Mid Reach – The Ergo-Fit Mid-Reach configuration is the factory set position of the foot pegs, handlebar and seat on the Vulcan S. The mid-reach configuration is targeted at riders between 5’7″ to 6’0″ and comes with the seat tapered at the front for ease of reaching the ground.

Reduced Reach – Targeted at riders below the height of 5’7″, the reduced reach configuration comes with an adjustable handlebar that decreases the reach by 1-inch, bringing it closer to the rider. The seat is also moved 2-inches forward, while the footpegs are adjusted 1-inch towards the rider for easy accessibility and added comfort.

In addition to the 3 adjustable configurations, the Kawasaki Vulcan S also gets 5-way adjustable brake and clutch levers as well as 7-way adjustable rear shock as standard. The Ergo-Fit feature is currently being offered with select Kawasaki dealers in the US and is completely free of charge at the time of purchase. Sharing its underpinnings with the Ninja 650, the Vulcan S is coming to India later this year and we do hope Kawasaki goes a mile extra in bringing Ergo-Fit as a standard feature on the bike. Make sure to check out Kawasaki’s Kevin Allen explain the Ergo-Fit concept in the video below.

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