Kinetic has launched an environment friendly postal delivery vehicle ‘Postal Soleckshaw’. The first five vehicles were delivered to post office at Ajmer. Upon testing of these vehicles at Ajmer, these are expected to be rolled out nationally and are expected to revolutionize postal delivery in India. Soleckshaw is a solar power assisted, pedal operated cycle rickshaw originally conceptualized by CSIR, India’s eminent science and research institution. Recently, M/s Kinetic Motors in association with CMERI (CSIR) has re-designed and developed a modified version of Soleckshaw specifically suitable as a light delivery vehicle, for delivery of post, parcels and other postal services both in urban and rural areas.

Soleckshaw has potential for use as a light delivery vehicle for distribution of dak as well as larger packages etc. Emergence of electronic means of communication is changing the profile of post offices and postmen. A Postman is likely to carry more parcels for delivery than ordinary mails. A survey in Pune found that each postman covers an area of around 40-45 kms and carries an average weight of 35-40 kgs per day. The Soleckshaw is the ideal vehicle to enable transportation of larger parcels with a minimum of effort. Postal Solekshaw will improve speed and efficiency of postal delivery, increase ability to carry more load; distribute other value-added products in rural areas. It’s large scale deployment is also expected to result in huge savings on manpower and operating cost.500