2012 Tata Indigo eCS Review

Tata Motors has launched a stripped down version of the Indigo, which is a non-AC, non-power steering and Euro IV compliant model. It has been tailor made specifically for the Kolkata taxi segment, priced at Rs. 4.97 lakhs. Until now, the taxi segment was dominated by the HM Ambassador for several decades but because of strict regulations, the vehicles need to be upgraded. Tata Motors has designed the entire package of the Kolkata specific Indigo very competitively to replace the ageing Ambassador.

Higher fuel efficiency of the Tata Indigo would result in a daily savings of around Rs. 350/- based on a daily run of 180 kms. The Ambassador taxi is known for its easy maintenance but Tata Motors has arranged some facilities for hassle free maintenance such as annual maintenance contract and better service downtime. Tata Motors have also come up with an attractive exchange offer, which says that the exchange price of the Ambassador would be considered as the down payment for the Indigo.

Currently, Tata Motors passenger vehicles such as Indica, Indigo CS and Indigo sedan are used as radio taxis and contract carriages in metro cities. This is the first time, when we will see Tata Motors vehicles running in the black and yellow taxi segment as an alternative to the iconic Ambassador. Tata Motors is currently facing poor demand for their passenger vehicles. If the Kolkata taxi segment takes the Indigo seriously, then we expect the new project to lift the fortunes of the company to a certain extent.

2012 Tata Indigo eCS Long Term Review

Source – The Hindu