The new video of the KTM Duke 790 shows the motorcycle in action and the showcased model is a prototype.

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Along with the refreshments executed on the existing Duke 390, KTM had also confirmed their plans to introduce a new twin-cylinder motorcycle. This will be the smallest twin-cylinder motorcycle from the Austrian manufacturer and as reported, one the most powerful in its segment. We are talking about the upcoming KTM Duke 790 which has been showcased in a new video with the beast in action.

Same as other motorcycles by KTM, the Duke 790 appears to be a lean and mean machine. In the video, the rider demonstrates the motorcycle with a thrilling bunch of actions performing wheelies, stoppies and getting incredibly lean at the corners with a knee down. The throttle response seems to be intimidating with a sudden punch on the gear shifts. The traditional KTM grunty exhaust note is also clearly audible in the video.

The design of the KTM Duke 790 is expected to be carved to follow the evolved KTM design pattern with immensely sharp tank extensions and headlamp. Though we are not completely aware of the design of production-ready model but hopefully it won’t be much different than the showcased prototype.

The KTM Duke 790 prototype was showcased at the 2016 EICMA motorcycle show. As reported earlier, with its 800cc engine, the motorcycle will deliver unparalleled poise, telepathic levels of feedback and lightness that’s off the scale, as per the company’s statement. Additionally, a faired version and an adventure motorcycle based on the same platform is also on the list of the Austrian bikemaker. The KTM Duke 790 will be manufactured in India and will be priced attractively locally.

KTM Duke 790 Prototype

– The KTM Duke 790 was unveiled at the 2016 EICMA motorcycle show
– It follows the brand’s new design language with sharp and aggressive appearance
– It is expected to be introduced in the market by the end of 2017

KTM Duke 790 Prototype
It will flaunt a host of compact and sharp design elements