The price hike has been due to the excise duty roll back and has increased prices on all KTM models by around 3-5 percent.

Tuned KTM Duke 390 Review
The KTM Duke siblings are now pricier by Rs. 7000-9000/- depending on the model

Undoubtedly KTM offerings are not only fun but are also retailed at an extremely competitive price tag in the country. It was the affordability factor that made the company one of the most sought after performance bike makers with the fan following growing by ten folds every year. While the Duke 200 and 390 were the first recipients of the strong following, the RC 200 and 390 full-faired siblings launched last year have received a similar reception as well. However, while KTM’s prices have always been competitive, the roll back of excise duties by the government this year have affected the company’s prices as well, as the manufacturer announced a price hike across its model range.

In a bid to initiate some growth in the auto sector last year, the former government had provided a concession in excise duties which was extended till 31st December 2014 by the new government. With the market stabilising in terms of sales in recent months, the new government decided to not extend the excise duty concession for 2015. Hence, two-wheelers are now charged an excise duty of 12 percent, instead of the 8 percent levied earlier.

As per the changes, KTM has hiked prices across its range by around 3-5 percent. Starting with the entry-level Duke 200, the street-fighter has seen a price hike of Rs. 7190/-, an increase of 5.5 percent over the earlier prices. The very competitively priced Duke 390 has seen a price increase by 4.9 percent amounting to Rs. 8987/- over the current prices. Coming to the recently launched RC twins, the RC 200 has seen a price rise of Rs. 6000/-, an increase of 3.9 percent; while the RC 390 has seen a price hike of Rs. 8000/-, a 3.8 percent hike over the former prices. So, does KTM lose its VFM quotient yet? Absolutely Not!

2015 KTM Bike Prices (ex-showroom, Delhi) –

* KTM Duke 200 – Rs. 1,37,977/-
* KTM Duke 390 – Rs. 1,89,942/-
* KTM RC 200 – Rs. 1,66,249/-
* KTM RC 390 – Rs. 2,12,861/-

KTM RC 200 Launch India
Prices for the RC 200 & 390 have increased by Rs. 6000 & Rs. 8000/- respectively