KTM RC 390 Colours New Metallic Silver
Metallic Silver colour option along with orange frame and wheels looks good on the RC 390

KTM has launched new colours for its RC 390, RC 200 and RC 125 supersport range of motorcycles.

Now, the RC 125 can be had in Dark Galvano paint scheme, while the RC 200 sports an Electronic Orange colour option. The KTM RC 390 colours now include a Metallic Silver option as well.

These refreshing new paint schemes will be available in addition to the colours that were launched with the motorcycles when they underwent the BS6 upgrade earlier this year.

Prices of the three motorcycles remain unchanged and thus, the KTM RC 125 continues to cost Rs. 1,59,629/- (for Dark Galvano and Electronic Orange), the KTM RC 200 price is Rs. 2,00,864/- (Electronic Orange and Dark Galvano) and the KTM RC 390 costs Rs. 2,53,184/- (Metallic Silver and Ceramic White) (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi).

No mechanical changes have been announced for all three motorcycles. These cosmetic changes have been announced just in the nick of time and will help keep the models fresh and likely boost sales as well.

KTM RC 390 Colours

  • KTM has launched new colours for the RC series of motorcycles
  • The RC 125 now gets Dark Galvano, RC 200 Electronic Orange options
  • RC 390 can now be had with a Metallic Silver paint scheme
KTM RC 200 Electronic Orange
The RC 200 in Electronic Orange scheme looks the part
KTM RC 125 Colours
Black wheels will go well with this Dark Galvano paint option on the smallest RC