KTM Orange Day 2013 Mumbai
KTM Orange Day Mumbai – Click above for picture gallery

KTM is in the news since its launch of Duke 200 in January 2012. Since then KTM-Bajaj are in the lime light with rumors of new launches, pricing and praise from enthusiasts which don’t seem to stop. One of the marketing strategies is keeping the owners happy with one such event, Orange Day. An event where Duke owners with a friend and other biker is allowed to experience the event and this time we go to the Orange Day in Mumbai to find out what the fuss is all about.

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Orange Day in Mumbai was on a Sunday. When I say Sunday, it was a “Sun-day” with orange color all over the place too, making sweat on a face a common sight. But despite the stupendous heat, the crowd was charged up with their shades on, the Duke’s of Duke going crazy with Ready to Race anytime attitude. Stalls from various brands were present and KTM displayed power wear and accessories. Service mechanics from KTM were present to aid in an emergency and make the bike track ready. Yes of course there were race day girls to cheer up the riders and add glamour to the event.

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The event consisted of a go-kart type race track which prepared Duke 200 owners to race each other where skill (read bravery) is rather important than horse power. Before the race, the racers were briefed thoroughly on how to tackle tricky situations and do’s and not to do actions on the track. The race schedule was simple; four teams were created and sent for sighting lap at first and then every group raced and a winner from every group celebrated their victories with either burnouts or wheelies. And finally those riders were chosen for the finale. In the end all the winners from their respected group raced with each other and the winner of the final race was rewarded with Duke of Mumbai award. This time a race was organized for people from the media too, a short stint but enough time for people to fall while other newbie’s were exploring grip and fighting their own race.

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Orange day is a must go event for KTM Duke owners around the nation and if you are not a Duke owner, either buy a Duke or start riding, because the Duke is your pass into the event and a fellow biker is allowed with a Duke. All in all, a real blast of an event, where adrenaline rush is in the air, passion for bikes is seen even by guests and enthusiasm from riders was showing off with their souped up Dukes to each other and then showing their valor on the battle ground. Mumbai was painted orange, that’s for sure!