An Italian bike tuning firm, Performance Technology has added a turbocharger on to the Yamaha R3 and the KTM RC 390. They are now working on the Kawasaki Ninja 300 to do the same.

KTM RC 390 and Yamaha R3 Turbocharged
The turbocharged KTM RC 390 and Yamaha R3 make insane power

The quarter-litre bike segment is a popular segment around the world. Affordability and practicality make them sell in good volumes. The power figures of these motorcycles are good too and are more than enough for 99% of buyers. But, the remaining 1% seek more power and go the aftermarket way. While jobs like air filter and after market exhaust are simple enough, the gains aren’t too high. For getting higher gains, the best way is to feed more air to the engine and add more fuel for bigger blasts. This is what an Italian firm has done to the KTM RC 390 and Yamaha R3.

Yes, we are talking about turbocharging. While turbochargers have been fairly common in cars, it is a relatively newer thing for bikes. The biggest reason for the same being the compact dimensions of a motorcycle. Although no manufacturer offers a turbocharged motorbike as of now, aftermarket options are available. Italy based company, Performance Technology has bolted on turbochargers to two of the most popular bikes in the segment.

The Yamaha R3 with a turbocharger produces much more power than it did in the stock form making it more fun. What’s even more interesting is the power figure of the KTM RC 390 which now produces a whopping 60 BHP from its single-cylinder engine in conjunction with the turbo. These figures make the bikes comparable to those from a class above and offer exceptional value for money.

With the turbo power, expect the KTM RC 390 to point skywards when you open full throttle as the mid-range kicks in and the bucket load of torque ensures the front-wheel lifts in a jiffy. The same madness will happen with the Yamaha R3 which has strong low-end performance. The Kawasaki Ninja 300 is also being worked on currently which would complete the trio.

KTM RC 390 vs Yamaha R3 vs Kawasaki Ninja 300
The turbocharged trio will be complete once the Ninja 300 is done up